let’s be real for a second, though

whenever i see a “dont let tumblr make you believe that education isnt important!!” shitpost, all i can think about is all of the disabled kids who are forced to endure a system that was not made for us.

a system that was literally made to teach its students to become complacent factory workers.

a system full of teachers who arent required to know what autism, add/adhd or similar things are.

a system of intense scheduling that doesnt even let you have the bare minimum of sleep and requires that you be able to understand abstract concepts on barely any energy at all.

and i get angry. because you dont care about our health and well being. you care that we stay silent while your outdated “educational” system beats us down.

"learning is uncool and grades are silly!" said absolutely nobody at all.
“youre still an intelligent, vibrant and capable person, no matter what a grade says!” said disabled people who understand to young disabled kids and their allies.

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ableism, silence, and ferguson


i am seeing a whole lot of concern about the mental health of white people who are staying silent about ferguson, and virtually none (at least not from white folks) about the mental health of the residents of ferguson, and other black people who do not have the privilege to ever opt out of this… 


can we not use cries of ableism to further perpetuate white supremacy

can we not use the concept of mental illness to obscure the fact that the vast majority of white people who are ignoring this are not doing so because they will be triggered, but because of deeply embedded antiblack racism and apathy that is ENDEMIC to the institution of white supremacy.

what these posts are accomplishing is allowing white people off the hook and telling them they don’t need to interrogate WHY they feel justified in ignoring all of this. these posts encourage white people to place their needs above those of black people.

it is one thing to be triggered - it is another altogether to feel anxious or upset. there is at least one post going around that is specifically targeting people who are triggered and that is not okay - but i’m not referring to that post. i’m referring to the rest of the posts which coddle white people and tell them it’s perfectly acceptable to avoid everything ferguson-related if it makes them anxious. guess what: IT’S NORMAL to feel anxious and upset about what’s happening! i’d be more suspicious of someone who isn’t extremely uncomfortable about what’s going on. that’s the fucking point. 

by all means, do what you need to do, but stop hijacking posts about white apathy with your accusations of ableism. any conversations about mental health and ableism MUST center on the needs of the marginalized if they are to be useful in antiracist discourse; if you are only interested in protecting the mental health of the oppressors then congratulations, you are part of the problem. 

note: do not under any circumstances use this post to hurt people with ptsd who need to blacklist violence for their own safety - that is NOT what this post is about.


I’m too tired to be drawing mystery hacks, and yet here I am.


I’m too tired to be drawing mystery hacks, and yet here I am.

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Can we have more Heimer being a gossipy nerd and robofishbones bonding with Jinx while Viktor sits back and cackles.



The news traveled through the scientific community immediately. “Have you heard?” was echoed throughout academic halls all over Piltover, where professors and scientists shared whispered gossip between colleagues. Through some medium or another, the whispers made their way to even Zaunites, specifically, the Machine’s Herald, who overheard it on his way to his laboratory one day. He remained stoic, straight-faced, right until he was safely in his favorite chair.

Now, safe in the privacy of his lab, Viktor removed his mask, which was a rare occasion indeed, and the first thing Viktor did was laugh. The man guffawed, his chest rising and falling in unison with the sounds coming from his mouth.

“Hey, Metalface!” Viktor sat upright upon hearing the voice, wide-eyed. He hastily fumbled for his mask, managing to reattach it before becoming as still as possible. Maybe, he thought, just maybe she would get bored and go away if she didn’t hear him.

“Mister Viktor! We’re coming in!” Before Viktor could realize what happened, he found his favorite new wall smashed to smithereens as Jinx sauntered in atop his creation, Fishbones. Viktor sighed.

“Jinx, we talked about personal boundaries with Fishbones before,” Viktor said, standing up to face the pair as the woman climbed down from her robot. He also made a mental note of the money needed to cover the damages, while he was at it.

"Did we?" Jinx said. Thinking on it for a moment, she simply shrugged, before reaching for Viktor and pulling him in. "Oh well! Either way, we’re all friends here, right?

Viktor’s third arm hastily pulled Jinx’s fingers off his shoulder as he took a step backwards. “I’d prefer that you refrain from touching me. What do you want?” he said, cutting to the point.

Jinx scoffed, offended. “Geez, what makes you think I always want something from you, Metalface? Besides, I thought we were pals, buddies, chums!”

Viktor laughed, although this one was more cynical than anything. “Anytime you break into my lab, you want something! Fix Fishbones, make Fishbones more rocket launchers, blah blah blah,” he said, mimicking her voice.

“Mister Viktor! That’s not very-” Fishbones cut in, before Jinx waved a hand over her robot’s face.

“Can it, Fishbones, I got this,” she said. Jinx put her hands on her hips and cocked her head. “Alright then, let’s switch it up! I’ll do you a favor this time, so, whatcha want?”

If Jinx could see past Viktor’s mask, she would see a very wicked smile. “Alright,” Viktor said, “I have but one question.”

“Yeah? No problem, lemme at it,” Jinx said, now staring Viktor down.

“I have been hearing rumors from a colleague of mine that you and Jayce have been…cavorting as of late. Is this true?” No sooner had the question left Viktor’s lips did he see Jinx’s face immediately flush.

“Th-That’s none of your business, Metalmouth!” she stammered. “Geez, can’t a girl have some privacy! Jerk!” the girl was terribly red now and about to run on a tirade before Fishbones scooped her up with a large metal claw and dropping her into his cockpit.

“Mister Viktor! That was not very nice!” the robot began, rounding on the Machine’s Herald. “My Jinx is a delicate flower, and you should treat her as such! That was very rude, so we’ll be taking our leave now,” he said, and turned to leave. “I expect an apology!” Fishbones added over his shoulder as he stomped out of sight, Jinx in tow.

Viktor settled back into his chair, nonplussed by the reaction. He was looking for an answer, but peace and quiet was also a welcomed oppurtunity.

“Now, what am I going to do about this hole?”

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Why is it, when something happens, it is always you three?

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fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

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Modern Korra?
I was just killing time until my siblings got home so we could all watch Korra together.
That last episode was intense you guys! My feels can’t take it! D:


Modern Korra?

I was just killing time until my siblings got home so we could all watch Korra together.

That last episode was intense you guys! My feels can’t take it! D:

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welcome to cyber funk city, a place to visit when you’re in the mood for futuristic sounds with old school vibes. (listen)
1. 『82.99 FM』 by マクロスMACROSS 82-992. first class // 一等 by OS (C:) // 時間の神3. Bae City Rollaz (Ft. YUNG BAE) by ИΔΤVИ4. Pineapple Juniors by SAINT PEPSI5. vanilla pepsi [マクロスMACROSS 82-99 Edit] by SAINT PEPSI6. FUTURE WAVE (with YUNG BAE) by bl00dwave7. 夏物語’87 by ИΔΤVИ8. ウォーク·オン·バイ by luxury elite & マクロスMACROSS 82-999. Cherry Pepsi by SAINT PEPSI10. whenever by bl00dwave11. When It Comes To You by YUNG BAE

welcome to cyber funk city, a place to visit when you’re in the mood for futuristic sounds with old school vibes. (listen)

1. 『82.99 FM』 by マクロスMACROSS 82-99
2. first class // 一等 by OS (C:) // 時間の神
3. Bae City Rollaz (Ft. YUNG BAE) by ИΔΤVИ
4. Pineapple Juniors by SAINT PEPSI
5. vanilla pepsi [マクロスMACROSS 82-99 Edit] by SAINT PEPSI
6. FUTURE WAVE (with YUNG BAE) by bl00dwave
7. 夏物語’87 by ИΔΤVИ
8. ウォーク·オン·バイ by luxury elite & マクロスMACROSS 82-99
9. Cherry Pepsi by SAINT PEPSI
10. whenever by bl00dwave
11. When It Comes To You by YUNG BAE

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